4G in Vietnam - Prepaid SIM Card Infos 2019

The good news: The quality of Internet availability is generally excellent in Vietnam, both in the cities and in remote locations. In restaurants, hotels & AirBnB’s there are usually WLAN available and even in the rice fields in Sapa or between the hundred rocks of Ha Longs Bay, I always had good 4G, or in the worst case 3G coverage.

4G on Smartphones: Roaming or buying a Vietnamese SIM card?

Even though the WLAN coverage in the city is good, it is very useful for travellers in Vietnam to have a permanent LTE/4G coverage, here are just a few examples:

  • Use Google Maps with your scooter in the wilderness if you need to decide to drive the way left or right
  • Show the taxi driver an address or location
  • WhatsApp
  • General research while traveling

For all those who are in Vietnam for more than a few hours it is better to buy a cheap Vietnamese prepaid sim card!

When and Where to Buy Prepaid SIM

If you arrive by plane at an international airport such as Hanoi or Ho-Chi-Minh-City, you will find at the exit kiosks which, in addition to money exchange and (expensive) taxi services, usually also offer prepaid SIM cards for surfing and/or making phone calls. These cost about 10$ / 10€ / 280.000 VND and offer something between 1GB and 8GB data what should be enough for a few days / short trip.

If you are arriving in a different way or are too stressed at the airport, you can also buy a SIM card easily at any time in the City. You can almost find everywhere mobile phone / computer stores with the advertising “SIM CARD”. Because of legal changes (see below), the SIM card will not be issued in your name. But that’s no problem, because you only want to use the card temporarily.

Attention: Big mobile phone shops no longer sell to tourists

There is an important exception with bigger Stores / mobile phone shop chains like FPT Shop or Thế Giới Di Động:

As a tourist, it is no longer possible to buy a prepaid SIM card on your own, because a Vietnamese passport / ID is required. If you are lucky or go “to a smaller shop at the next corner” the seller simply uses his ID for the registration. Or if possible, ask a local to escort you.

Which provider? I recommend Viettel

There are four Vietnamese mobile phone providers:

Personally, I switched from Mobifone to Viettel and had very good experiences with it. In cities 100% LTE/4G and even in countryside regions at least 3G. There is also an app from Viettel (Google Store / Itunes) to top up credit (can be bought in supermarkets) and to book data packages. TheseApp is unfortunately only available in Vietnamese, but works quite intuitively thanks to the pictograms

Currently the best choice: Viettel Prepaid 60GB / month for ~4$ 😎

Here’s my recommendation if you want very good network coverage and a little more data volume, if you need it or just don’t want to worry:

Viettel currently has a promotion where you get 2GB/day, so 60GB/month for 90,000 VND (currently equivalent to less then 4$). That can be booked as followed:

  • Buy a new Viettel SIM card (Don’t work with existing ones)
  • Top up at least 90.000VND credit if necessary
  • Send SMS with V90 to the 191 or 9123
  • To check, send an SMS with KTTK to the 191

That’s it! now you have 60GB/month for 90.000VND. You can also check your Balance / Data left with the Viettel app.

You can cancel by sending HUY V90 to 191.

Note: The V90 package is only available for newly issued SIM cards, not for existing ones. For existing ones or if the promotion is unavailable check the regular data packages below.

Overview of all providers:

Viettel Packages

Package NameData / MonthPrice VNDPrice EURPrice $
v9060.0 GB90,0003.403.88
MIMAX703.0 GB70,0002.643.02
MIMAX905.0 GB90,0003.403.88
MIMAX1258.0 GB125,0004.725.39
MIMAX20015.0 GB200,0007.558.62
UMAX30030.0 GB300,00011.3212.93
Viettel data packages

To book a data package with Viettel simply send <Packagename> via SMS to 9123

To cancel send an SMS with HUY to 191

Mobifone Packages

Package NameData / MonthPrice VNDPrice EURPrice $
HD703.8 GB70,0002.643.02
HD905.5 GB90,0003.403.88
HD1208.8 GB120,0004.535.17
HD20016.5 GB200,0007.558.62
HD30033.0 GB300,00011.3212.93
HD40044.0 GB400,00015.0917.24
HD50055.0 GB500,00018.8721.55
Mobifone data packages

To book a data package with Viettel simply send DK <Packagename> via SMS to 999

To cancel send an SMS with HUY <Paketnamen> to 999

Vinaphone Packages

Package NameData / MonthPrice VNDPrice EURPrice $
DK1 BIG704.8 GB70,0002.643.02
DK1 BIG907.0 GB90,0003.403.88
DK1 BIG12012.0 GB120,0004.535.17
DK1 BIG20022.0 GB200,0007.558.62
DK1 BIG30036.0 GB300,00011.3212.93
Vinaphone data packages

To book a data package with Viettel simply send DK <Packagename> via SMS to 888

To cancel send an SMS with HUY <Paketnamen> to 888

Vietnamobile Packages

Package NameData / MonthPrice VNDPrice EURPrice $
M101.0 GB10,0000.380.43
M252.0 GB25,0000.941.08
M404.0 GB40,0001.511.72
M708.0 GB70,0002.643.02
M9012.0 GB90,0003.403.88
M12520.0 GB120,0004.535.17
M20040.0 GB200,0007.558.62
Vietnamobile data packages

To book a data package with Viettel simply send DK <Packagename> via SMS to 345

To cancel send an SMS with HUY <Packagename> to 345

How to top up your credit:

The easiest way to top up e.g. your Viettel prepaid card is to buy a prepaid scratch cards/code at the local supermarkets. These are available in different amounts (100.000VND, 200.000VND, 300.000VND). Depending on the provider, the code can then easily be charged by SMS and/or App.

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